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    Hotel Margado in Kamares of Sifnos Location

    Margado accommodations are located in Kamares, the picturesque port of Sifnos. They are situated only at 300 meters from the sea, however, they offer a panoramic view of the bay of Kamares, since we found the ideal spot to build our unit high, on a hill on the right side of the bay.

    Hotel Margado in Kamares of Sifnos Access

    Given its particular relief, Sifnos does not have an airport. Therefore, visitors can access the island only by boat.

    ~ The visitors can access Athens by plane (information on the time-tables) and transfer to Piraeus to take the boat to Sifnos.
    ~Alternatively, they can travel to Milos and transfer to the boat to Sifnos (duration 1 hour approximately).
    ~ Finally, the helicopter fans can access directly the fully organized heliport of Sifnos.

    Hotel Margado in Kamares of Sifnos Arrival in El Venizelos (Athens) – transfer to Piraeus

    From the airport of Athens, El. Venizelos, visitors can either drive to the port of Piraeus where from they will take the boat to Sifnos, or they can use:
    ~ The special lines of OASA (Athens Urban Transport Organization)

    Hotel Margado in Kamares of Sifnos Arrival in Piraeus – transfer to Sifnos

    From the port of Piraeus visitors can come to Sifnos by conventional car ferries (5.30) hours, or by high speed car ferries (3.00 hours) (time-tables)

    Hotel Margado in Kamares of Sifnos Arrival in Sifnos – transfer to Marganto Accommodations

    From the port of Sifnos "Kamares", the visitors that have their own transport can come to Margado by following the sketch-map on the left. For the rest of the visitors, Marganto offers free transfer from and to the port by the unit’ s mini-van.

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